Thyroid Health App ThyForLife Passes the U.S. Tough New Digital Health Assessment Framework

Thyroid Health App ThyForLife Passes the U.S. Tough New Digital Health Assessment Framework

ThyForLife passess new Digital Health Assessment Framework

ThyForLife Health is the first and ONLY mobile app for managing thyroid health that has passed the Digital Health Assessment Framework (DHAF), a rigorous new scheme that aims to drive up the health app standards in the United States.

VANCOUVER, BC – March 2, 2023 – ThyForLife, the self-management and global community app for all thyroid conditions, has passed through the rigorous new Digital Health Assessment Framework (DHAF) that aims to drive up the health app standards in the United States.

Until now more than 86 million Americans are already using health or fitness apps but there is no clear way to determine whether a product is safe to use. Many products fall outside of existing regulations and federal laws.

The Digital Health Assessment Framework (DHAF) is intended to be an open framework, accessible for anyone to use, to support the adoption of high-quality digital technologies and help healthcare providers and patients make a better-informed decision about which digital health tools best suit their needs. The framework includes components to assess privacy and security, clinical assurance and safety, and usability, and was crafted to support U.S.-specific guidelines, regulations and best practices for digital health technologies.

“We are thrilled that ThyForLife is the only mobile app for thyroid conditions to achieve the DHAF certification,” said ThyForLife’s Founder & CEO Natalia Lumen, who created ThyForLife after personally experiencing the challenges of managing her own thyroid health post-thyroidectomy. “Our members can rest assured that they are using the best digital tools available for managing thyroid health, and medical professionals can have the confidence in their endorsement of ThyForLife given the DHAF accreditation.”

Commenting on ThyForLife’s success, Tim Andrews, COO of ORCHA, said “It has been a pleasure helping ThyForLife Health achieve this important accreditation. ORCHA’s accreditation standards are the world’s toughest, so US healthcare professionals and consumers will know they can trust any digital health products which successfully pass the DHAF.”

The project has been led by The American College of Physicians (ACP) and the American Telemedicine Association (ATA), with ORCHA developing the framework itself. The DHAF allows the independent assessment of the mobile apps and web-based tools used by healthcare providers and consumers.

About ThyForLife Health

ThyForLife Health is a mobile platform designed to help more than 400M thyroid patients worldwide efficiently manage and optimize their health. 

Founded by thyroid cancer survivor Natalia Lumen in 2021, ThyForLife is the only all-in-one platform that focuses on providing people with thyroid conditions an easy and secure way to manage all their health data and join a global thyroid community.

The ThyForLife mobile app is currently available for free download on Google Play and iOS.


At ThyForLife, we do our utmost to provide accurate information. For detailed medical information regarding diagnosis, treatment, and general practices please consult your healthcare professional. Always listen to the advice of your healthcare provider.
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