Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to build a solution that matters

The company was founded by an experienced, interdisciplinary team in Canada and is backed by a distinguished group of young, passionate individuals

Our team

Natalia Lumen

Founder & CEO

ThyForLife born from personal experience.  Previously launched & scaled businesses, enjoyed a career as management consultant at Bain & Company 

Roman Ursu

Head of Technology

Senior developer with >10 years of leading technology projects,  focusing on Android App Development for global companies

Dr. Anastasiia Petrenko

Content developer

Anastasiia shares educational materials on our blog based on medical guidelines and research.  Passionate about healthcare and spreading awareness about thyroid health

Dmytro Fedorov

Senior Software Engineer

Senior developer with >7 years of experience developing Java projects for global companies

Iryna Kuphak

social media manager

Driving engagement across our social media platforms with years of marketing experience under her belt


Business Development

Contact us if you’re interested in joining our growing team!

Rowan Anders


Growth and investment advisory guru.  Expertise in Tech, Consumer Analytics, VC, Operations.  Advisor on Dragons’ Den deals for Jim Treliving

Dr. Natalie Bessom


Board certified in family medicine, nutrition coach. Virginia Tech’s College of Osteopathic Medicine; Adjunct family medicine clinical faculty at PCOM and MCG

Hillary Sinclair


Marketing expert.  Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist, Women in IT Awards ’18. F500 B2C marketing for Avon, Yahoo!, eBay, Kraft & Visa. ED of Founders Network

Summer Associates 2020

Michelle Gao

Business development

Shweta Karun

PRoduct development

Samantha Twist

PR Specialist

Christopher Ng

PR & content development

Suhani Saigal

content development

Tania Arora

content development

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