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We’re building
strong relationships
with customers

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“I like the way it is built for us who do labs every now and then, which will let us see how we are tracking and as well as the reminder feature for meds. We do all take different kinds of meds and dosage, so it's really helpful!"
“Amazing app. I love how there’s already a comprehensive list of meds for tracking. And wow, it’s free without ads! Thank you.”
"This app helps make healthcare and information more accesible! This app is easy to navigate and allows me to have a visually appealing way of managing my health and keeping up with the tons of information we receive from various platforms across the internet!"
"This app is amazing! It's designed for everyone who has a thyroid condition. Excellent articles with good reliable information to help us understand what's happening to our body. You're able to track your daily medications, supplements, bloodwork & symptoms, which are displayed on a graph to help give us an idea of the effects it has. Hopefully help us understand flare ups as we keep using the app.I firmly believe the more poeple that use this app, the more we can help each other. I thank Natalia and her amazing team for creating ThyForLife. I really believe the people that use this app can help the team. In turn we will all benefit in knowledge to help ourselves.
D Siemens
"I like the ThyForLife app, and I record my medication every day and my weight/symptoms almost every day."
Deb G
“An app that supports your health in such a precise and life-saving way is always worth a recommendation.”
“Very good app for tracking all the data, easy to use. I am looking forward to be downloading a new version that I hear is coming soon.”
“App that really matters!”
"Aside the app's core purpose, I find the Community section really impressive with how interactive it can get. Hoping more people living with thyroid conditions get to know about this app and start using it too."
"Really in love with this app, the opportunity to look holistically at my health across various areas is so helpful! Love the medication management piece as well, and the charts feature! It's nice to be able to post anonymously too on the community so I have privacy."
"I'm loving the ThyForLife app...thank you so much for creating such a helpful tool!"
"Love your app, I still have a lot of work to do in entering my past history, going to concentrate on entering past bloodwork to good picture of changes which I think will be valuable."
“The app is all I’ve been looking for and I’m so very excited to hear all that’s coming. Thank you again so much for responding and creating this space.”
"I have successfully downloaded the app and I love it. I have filled out your feedback form, and I can't wait for it to go live for more members of our thyroid community. Thank you for putting this app together, it's going to help a lot of people 🙂"
“Extremely helpful app for tracking thyroid conditions.”
"I appreciate how well designed this app is for keeping personal health information organized and easy to track!"
"It really has everything for all Thyroid Condition's and that's important. The big plus is, the developer has a thyroid condition and is determined to bring us together to share by our comments and experiences. If you want something added you can, example more bloodwork, symptoms, etc. Also we all know what works for one person might not work for another but sometimes it does work. This app is important for people newly diagnosed with thyroid condition, it answers so many questions. I wish it was available when I was diagnosed 7 years ago. Thank you to an incredible person for her hard-work in developing this app and for her determination to keep it growing to help people."
Dee S1
"Great and easy-to-use"
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