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Press Release #2

ThyForLife Welcomes Hillary Sinclair as Advisor

Marketing Guru and Executive Director of Founders Network to Advise Health-Tech Startup


VANCOUVER, BC – June 24, 2020 – ThyForLife is proud to welcome Hillary New Sinclair to their Advisory Board this week. Hillary is the Founder of Wheesearch, Executive Director of Founders Network, advisor to startups, passionate about helping tech founders, especially women founders, to accelerate their startup journey.  Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Hillary developed B2C marketing solutions for F500 companies including Avon, Yahoo!, eBay, Kraft Foods and Visa.  She is also an Advisor for the women-focused Changing Tides, and was a 2018 Finalist for Entrepreneur of the Year with the Women in IT Awards.  


“Thyroid conditions affect over 20 million Americans and one woman in eight will develop a thyroid disorder in her lifetime.  I’m thrilled to be working with Natalia and the team at ThyForLife as they work to bring visibility, easy to use tracking and better thyroid health to all,”  says Hillary. 


“On a personal note, I learned while trying to get pregnant that my thyroid was being damaged by an autoimmune condition.  It was only after getting my thyroid treated with medicine that I was able to get pregnant.  Here’s to all thyroid patients, especially women, taking charge of their thyroid health and living a healthier and more fulfilling life.”


Natalia Lumen, ThyForLife’s Founder and CEO, said “We are thrilled to have Hillary Sinclair join our Advisory Board. Her wealth of experience will be instrumental in our company formation and growth. In addition, her personal familiarity with thyroid conditions is invaluable as we continue building solutions that can impact millions around the world.”


About ThyForLife: ThyForLife is a health-tech company based in Vancouver, Canada. Founded in 2020, ThyForLife has reached over 150 downloads on Google Play Store after its first week of launch and will be expanding coverage to the iOS App Store in the near future. 


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