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Press Release #1

New Thyroid Tracker App, ThyForLife, Launched on Google Play Store

Health Tracking App Allows Users to Keep Track of Their Thyroid Conditions

VANCOUVER, BC – June 10, 2020 – ThyForLife has launched a free thyroid tracking app on Google Play Store to help thyroid patients worldwide improve their health outcomes.  Hypothyroidism forms the majority of all thyroid conditions, and primary care physicians recorded it as the 6th most common disease in the US, with over 3 million new patients being diagnosed every year.  Many of the patients struggle with keeping track of their condition. The mobile app by ThyForLife enables users to monitor their health by inputting bloodwork, thyroid medication and weight data all in one place. The app also sends reminders to take medication.  ThyForLife visualises patient data in an intuitive interface, enabling users to save time keeping track of multiple data points and improve their understanding of their health.  

According to the American Thyroid Association, more than 12% of the US population will develop a thyroid condition during their lifetime.  Unfortunately, up to 60% of people with this condition don’t know they have it. Thyroid disease occurs when the thyroid gland (located in the neck), in charge of regulating one’s metabolism, produces hormones above or below optimal levels. This can lead to a host of symptoms including fatigue, depression, weight gain or sleep deprivation. ThyForLife helps manage these issues by helping patients track and identify the correct dosage of their medication as well as reminders to take them. 

Natalia Lumen, Founder and CEO of ThyForLife, found out that she had thyroid cancer in 2017 during a regular wellness check. “Three years ago I was busy building my career as a management consultant at Bain & Company and thyroid cancer caught me by complete surprise, it came out of nowhere. Being on the operating table twice was a lot to deal with, but what came next was even more daunting”. After struggling to keep track of numerous daily medications and monthly blood test results, Natalia decided to create an app to help thyroid patients have all of this information at their fingertips.

In the near future, ThyForLife is planning on adding additional functions for users to connect with other members in the thyroid community and access telehealth consultations. “Together with 50 of our beta users, we created a core solution to keep track of the essentials, such as bloodwork, medication and weight.  Our users have told us how important it was for them to be able to normalize bloodwork results from different labs on a single scale, so we built this solution for them as well,” said Natalia. You can visit ThyForLife’s website www.thyforife.com to see product screenshots and download the thyroid tracking app on Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.thyforlife.android&hl=en.

About ThyForLife: ThyForLife is a health-tech company based in Vancouver, Canada. Founded in 2020, ThyForLife has reached over 150 downloads on Google Play Store after its first week of launch and will be expanding coverage to the iOS App Store in the near future. 


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