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Our goal is to make the obstacles of your thyroid condition as unnoticeable as possible so you can enjoy the rest of your life!

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Track Your Thyroid Health Progress

Say goodbye to manual tracking with Excel spreadsheets or journals to track your symptoms, bloodwork and weight

Virtual Health Clinic

Get immediate support from your healthcare professional to ask questions about condition and send information

Never Forget Your Medication Again

Set smart notifications for your medication schedule and add details about consumption instructions

Join The Thyroid Community

Hear the stories of other thyroid patients to learn about the complexities of your condition and tips for dealing with them

See What Works For Your Health

With intuitive graphs of your health data, identifying what health changes have worked is made simple

Have Everything in One Place

With your medication notifications, symptom tracking and bloodwork all in one place, organizing is simpler than ever

Connect with the thyroid community

Despite approximately 12% of the United States population having a thyroid disease during their lifetime (Thyroid hormone: How it affects your heart – Harvard Health), dealing with thyroid issues can feel very isolating. Many people are reluctant to share that they have a thyroid condition, making it challenging to find people with the same health problems. Although you may be interested in hearing the stories of other thyroid patients and how they dealt with it, there are very few means of doing so. Meeting other thyroid patients can also be constructive for understanding the complexities of your thyroid condition. Especially after being diagnosed with thyroid disease, understanding everything you should be doing can be daunting and overwhelming. 

With the ThyForLife app, connecting with other thyroid patients is easier than ever! Whether you want to learn health tips or just hear the stories of others, the ThyForLife app allows you to meet new people quickly. You also can get a better understanding of your thyroid disease with our blog posts aimed at breaking down each thing that you should know.

Track your thyroid health progress

As part of managing your thyroid health, we understand how difficult it can be to manage everything in an organized and efficient manner. Manual tracking with Excel spreadsheets or journals can be hard to organize appropriately and time-consuming if you frequently enter information. Besides this, understanding what you should be tracking can be challenging especially when you don’t have a strong understanding of your thyroid condition. Identifying how your health has progressed can also be difficult with conventional methods of tracking your health. 

The ThyForLife app solves these problems by having all of your health information in one place. With the ability to track your bloodwork, symptoms, and weight, you no longer have to figure out what to track or how to organize your information. You are also able to see your progress with pre-made charts and graphs, which can be easily customized for what you want to see.

Taking your medication

Remembering to take your thyroid medication is one of the most vital parts of keeping your thyroid healthy. This is made even more difficult with each drug having particular schedules and restrictions. Whether you have to take certain medications after a specific number of hours or avoid certain foods that may interfere with their effectiveness, remembering everything can be a hassle. If you have several medications, organizing this can be even more difficult, with complex medication schedules of having to consume certain drugs at different times and different days.

With ThyForLife’s smart notifications and reminders, you never have to worry about forgetting a specific detail about your medications again! Whether you have only a few medications or several throughout the week, the notifications always make sure that you never forget taking them. You also are able to make notes for yourself for specific medications such as what you should avoid eating while taking the drug.

Get immediate support from a healthcare professional

Your doctor plays an essential role in helping you maintain your thyroid health. As your primary source of reliable information, being able to ask questions and voice problems that you are facing is crucial. Despite this necessity, getting support is often challenging with you having to book appointments and visit their office. This friction for asking questions means that using online resources is usually what you have to rely on regardless of how reliable the information is. 

Using the virtual clinic in the ThyForLife app, you are able to have structured conversations with your healthcare professional to ask questions about your condition. Whether you want to get a better understanding of your blood test results or clarify the relationship between your thyroid health and medication, you are now able to get more informative and reliable information with the virtual clinic. You also now have the capability of accessing your health information which you typically wouldn’t be able to see from your doctor such as your blood results.

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