Frequently asked

Need help getting started on the ThyForLife app? Check out some of our most frequently asked questions below
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Frequently asked questions

Need help getting started on the ThyForLife app? Check out some of our most frequently asked questions below.

Getting Started
Where is the app available?

ThyForLife is available to download from the App Store and Google Play

Do I have to pay for the ThyForLife app?

No! Our app is free to download and use. There are additional options available for you to purchase in-app.

Who can use the ThyForLife app?
ThyForLife was created for all thyroid conditions. Including (but not limited to) hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, Hashimoto’s, thyroid cancer, thyroid nodules.
Why is ThyForLife beneficial for me if I have a thyroid condition?
  • ThyForLife is an all-in-one thyroid support in your pocket. Our app helps your track your bloodwork, symptoms (such as mood, energy, fatigue levels), weight changes, thyroid medication, and supplements. 
  • Beyond the basics of tracking your symptoms, weight, bloodwork, and medication, ThyForLife allows you to compare your data. 
  • Using various charts on one screen allows you to understand interdependencies between your medication, bloodwork, weight, and symptoms. 
  • Through our News & Community section, you are able to connect with others in your shoes through our Private Community. 
  • Gain access to invaluable information and community resources by safely and anonymously asking questions and getting answers directly from the ThyForLife  Private community.
Accounts & Data
Do I have to make an account to use ThyForLife?
  • In order to use ThyForLife, you need to create an account. This includes your name, email address and, current health data. Creating an account ensures that your data is always backed up and stored safely so that you can retrieve it in case of phone loss or theft. 
  • With your account, you can also access our News & Community section to safely ask questions, get answers, and join our Private Community. 
Is my personal data safe with ThyForLife?

Your personal information is 100% secure with ThyForLife. We will never share or sell your data. For more information regarding security at ThyForLife click here. 

Technical Support
My app won’t open and keeps crashing. Who do I contact?

Please contact support@thyforlife.com for technical support. 

I don’t have access to my email registered to ThyForLife and I don’t remember my password. How else can I log in?

Please contact support@thyforlife.com for technical support. 

I tried creating an account but didn’t receive a verification email.

Please contact support@thyforlife.com for support creating an account. 

User Support
How do I use ThyForLife?
  • ThyForLife is an app that enables you to help track your thyroid health. You are able to track your daily symptoms, weight changes, monitor your bloodwork, and set reminders and notifications for medication and supplements.
  • Over time you will be able to notice any changes in regards to your weight, symptoms, mood, energy in relation to your bloodwork, medication, and supplements.
Can I export and import data?

Yes! We are working on building this functionality and we will be introducing the option soon. 

How do I edit or delete data I have entered?

When entering data, you will find a delete button to delete all data. 

If you have any questions, please contact support@thyforlife.com

How do I change my language?

ThyForLife is only available in English at the moment. We are working on having it available in multiple languages soon.

How old do I have to be to use ThyForLife?

ThyForLife is to be used by those who are 18 years old and older.

Can anyone ask and answer questions in Private Community?

Yes! Anyone can ask and answer questions in the Private Community. 

How do I delete or edit a post in Private Community?

Beside each post you make, you will find an edit/delete button. 

If you have any questions, please contact support@thyforlife.com

How can I speak to a doctor through ThyForLife?

We are currently working on developing this capability. 

How can I share my health data and information in ThyForLife with my doctor?

Your thyroid health information and data can be shared with the doctor by exporting it as PDF. We are currently working on finalizing this function. 

Content Creation & Review Process
Where do you get your information from?

Our information comes from renowned organizations to provide our users with evidence-based and science-based information. We work and gather our information from organizations such as the American Thyroid Association, Endocrine Society, Hormone Health Network, ThyCa, and PubMed.

Who reviews your articles?

All our articles are reviewed by board-certified clinicians. You can find their information at the beginning of each article.