Top 10 Foods High in Selenium

Top 10 Foods High in Selenium

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By Anastasiia Petrenko

As described in our previous article, selenium plays an important role in thyroid health. Let’s find out the top 10 foods high in selenium according to the National Institutes of Health.

1. Brazil nutsBrazil nuts in foods high in selenium

Brazil nuts are one of the best foods high in selenium. One serving, or about six to eight nuts, contains about 544 mcg of this micronutrient. Besides, Brazil nuts are a great option for vegans and vegetarians.

2. Other nuts and seedsnuts and seeds in food high in selenium

Even though Brazil nuts contain the highest amount of selenium, most of the other nuts and seeds have decent quantities of it. For instance, one ounce of sunflower seeds contains 11.9 mcg of selenium.

3. Tuna
tuna in foods high in selenium

3 ounces of yellowfin tuna contain about 25 grams of protein and 92 mcg of selenium, making it an excellent product for a healthy lifestyle. 

4. Beef steak
beef steak in foods high in selenium

Great news for the meat lovers – steak is not just delicious – it is also beneficial for your thyroid health. The bottom round beef steak will provide you with about 33 mcg of selenium per 3 ounces of meat, which covers nearly 60% of your daily need!  

5. Turkey
turkey in foods high in selenium

You can get 31 mcg of selenium from 3 oz of roasted turkey. Sounds like a legit reason to cook it not only on Thanksgiving!

6. Baked beans
baked beans in foods high in selenium

Baked beans are an amazing low-budget source of selenium – just one cup brings about 13 mcg of selenium, which covers almost 25% of your daily need.

7. Tofu
tofu in foods high in selenium

Tofu is another affordable product you should introduce into your diet! One cup of plain tofu covers 80% of daily selenium need (43.8 mcg).

8. Eggs
eggs in foods high in selenium

One egg provides about 15 mcg of selenium. Thus, a two egg omelet will cover almost 60% of your daily selenium need. 

9. Cottage cheese
cottage cheese in foods high in selenium

Another reason to visit your local farmer – one cup of cottage cheese provides about 20 mcg of selenium!

10. Enriched pasta
enriched pasta in foods high in selenium

Enriched products are those that lost nutrients during processing and, in order to compensate it, vitamins and minerals are added back at the end of the production. A cup of such macaroni contains about 37 mcg of selenium, thus covering 67% of daily need in it.

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