We reached 1,000+ downloads!

By Natalia Lumen

ThyForLife 1000+ Downloads

We are truly excited to reach 1,000+ downloads on Google Play! 

This milestone opens up a new chapter for our company. We’ve got way bigger plans ahead! 

“My vision for ThyForLife is to dramatically improve the quality of life of thyroid patients, and do so by providing tools to patients and advancing thyroid research. As someone living without a thyroid and relying on researchers to discover most optimal medication, I am deeply invested in contributing to and advancing thyroid research. Innovations, such as slow-release Free T3 hormone pills can be a game changer, and ThyForLife can be a bedrock to test it,” says Natalia Lumen, Founder & CEO, ThyForLife.

Big thank you to our customers, advisors and investors ❤

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