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The only all-in-one self-management tool and global community platform that provides support for all thyroid conditions

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Thyroid health support in your pocket

Track your thyroid health and access a dedicated thyroid community!

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Every thyroid patient has the right to feel at peace managing their thyroid health.

ThyForLife is the only all-in-one global community platform and tracking app that provides support for all thyroid conditions

One place to monitor your thyroid health

Track the different aspects crucial to your thyroid health & gain access to a dedicated thyroid community. 

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Log bloodwork

Record TSH, T4, Free T4, T3, Free T3, TG and TGAb

Medication Icon
Track medication

Keep track of changes in dosage and frequency

Weight icon
Track weight

Draw insights on how your thyroid health impacts your weight

Depiction of App monitoring functions
Depiction of App monitoring functions
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Normalize lab results

Different reference ranges & units on a single scale

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Add & edit symptoms

Track symptoms, reason for changes in meds or weight

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Timely notifications

Never forget to take your meds

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Supportive global thyroid community

Join a dedicated group of like-minded individuals who share some of the same experiences as you

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Safely ask and answers questions anonymously

Chat with other members in our private community forum and get the advice you need

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Gain access to articles backed by experts

Be the first to read our medically reviewed articles and participate in our daily community polls and questions

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What is ThyForLife?

Developed by a Thyroid Cancer Survivor, Natalia Lumen, the intuitive ThyForLife app is designed to help you at every step of your thyroid health journey through tracking, reports and more! Take control of your own data, work closely with your medical advisors, and join a global thyroid community to seamlessly navigate your unique health journey. 

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At ThyForLife, your personal data and security is our top priority. 

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